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Church History


  • 1908     First Baptist church was founded by Raymond Rankins, Samuel J. Duncan, and Samuel R. Clay. The first minister was Rev. Suggs. Rev. Blake of Olivet Baptist Church, Chicago, IL was the second minister to serve. Other ministers to serve were Rev. Zimmerman, Rev. Davis and Rev. Ogelsby. The first church was built at 1617 Washington Street.

  • 1913     Rev. Charles E. Hawkins became Senior Pastor.

  • 1917     The church moved to 2101 Washington Street.

  • 1944     Pastor Hawkins retired after 31 years of leadership.

  • 1944     Rev. LaVaughn Venchael Booth, Sr. became Senior Pastor.

  • 1952     Pastor L.V. Booth's pastorate ended.

  • 1952     Rev. Dr. Robert E. Penn became Senior Pastor.

  • 1955     The new church was built at it's present location 626 West 21st Avenue.  

  • 1973     Rev. Dr. Penn's pastorate ended.

  • 1973     Rev. Dr. Colvin Blanford, Sr. became Senior Pastor.

  • 1981     Rev. Dr. Blanford's pastorate ended.

  • 1981     Rev. Samuel Roberts served the congregation.

  • 1983     Rev. William D. Booth, Sr. became Senior Pastor.

  • 1990     Pastor W. D. Booth's pastorate ended. 

  • 1990     Rev. Michelle Cobb served the congregation as Spiritual Leader.

  • 1991     Rev. Allen H. Smith became Senior Pastor.

  • 1994     Rev. Smith retired.

  • 1994     Rev. Dr. Leo Reese, Assistant Pastor served the congregation.

  • 1996     Rev. Dr. Bennie T. Henson became Senior Pastor.

  • 2009     Rev. Dr. Henson's pastorate ended and the associate ministers served the congregation (Rev. Dr. Gloria Chambers, Min. Todd Deloney, Sr., Min. Ernest Douglas, Rev. Dr. Waltee Douglas, Rev. Dr. Shelley Fisher, Rev. Kenneth Gray, Sr., Rev. Kim Hicks, Min. Tracy  Robinson, and Min. JoAnn Williamson.)

  • 2009     Rev. Dr. Eric Pearman served the congregation as Interim Pastor.

  • 2010     Rev. Dr. Pearman's interim period ended.

  • 2012     Pastor Timothy F. Brown became Senior Pastor.

First Building
Rev. Hawkins
Building in 1925
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