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Other Ministries

Deacons Ministry
Deaconess Ministry

Mission Statement:

To assist the Pastor and the Deacon Board with Holy Communion and Baptism; and to enhance reverence for CHRIST and HIS SACRIFICIAL DEATH.

Evangelism Ministry

Mission Statement:

The Evangelism Committee of First Baptist Church of Gary is called by Jesus to go out into the world and teach the Gospel to the lost, unsaved, and hurting men, women, boys and girls. We also heed and respond to the needs of the First Baptist Church congregation.

Volunteer Club
Prison Ministry
Nurses Guild
Scholarship and Academic Encouragement

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Scholarship and Academic Encouragement Committee is to motivate, promote, encourage and support the youth of First Baptist Church in their educational endeavors. We will help to maximize their potential by way of tutoring and by awarding monetary gifts, scholarships, and First Baptist education grants.

Miriam Mission Circle

Mission Statement:
To develop a relationship that will strengthen our personal devotion to Jesus Christ. We should be committed to the programs of First Baptist Church through worshipping, studying, working and witnessing in all areas of life.

Bessie Griggs Mission Circle

Mission Statement:

The Bessie Griggs Mission Circle serves people in need… in the church, the community and globally according to God’s great command. (Matthew 28:19, 20 and Matthew 25:35, 36 NIV).

C.B. Johnson Mission Circle

Mission Statement:
The mission of C.B. Johnson Mission Circle is to help each member grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are committed to supporting the ministries and programs of First Baptist Church through worship, study and stewardship.

Senior Usher Board

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Senior Usher Board is to readily minister and extend assistance to our church family and guests in a friendly and loving manner. It is our desire to maintain an atmosphere of reverence and order before, during and following each worship service or church program that requires our participation. We are committed to being Door Keepers in the House of the Lord.

Teen Scene

Mission Statement:

Teen Scene is an outreach youth ministry of the church for young adults between the age of 13-19. Under the development and supervision of Adult Advisors, the ministry will engage youth to create opportunities to promote member interaction, participate in community service projects, and fellowship within our organization, using leadership to fulfill the social and religious needs of the participants..

Alpha Arts Ministry
General Mission Union

To coordinate and direct the activities of all mission circles; assist the work of the women in the church and work with local, district, state, national and foreign missions.

1. Meet with mission circles in a general body.
2. Assign tasks to circles.
3. Attend workshops and functions that are church       related.
4. Aid needed citizens in the community.
5. Take lead in the spiritual growth of the church.
6. Contribute to local, district, state, national and           foreign mission.

Anchored in faith: yesterday, today and forever.

Motto: Not for ourselves; but for others.
The Alpha Arts Club was organized November 16, 1916 by Dr. Charles E. Hawkins and his wife, Belle. It was the first club organized in the church. Our mission is to keep the vision of Corinne Jones alive by sponsoring the Annual Scholarship Banquet in her honor and awarding scholarships to deserving high school seniors who are members of the church.

(Click here for scholarship information.)

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